Blockchain in Arts and Culture

Many artists are dabbling in what some have dubbed “Web 3.0”, technology using blockchain concepts, such as NFTs, but there is a lot of confusion in these areas, often bundled together with the vague term “crypto”. There are also sustainability issues with current generations of common blockchain-based technologies that I think get glossed over in the rush to sell them, to the public. Here’s a place for sober discussion of these matters, technologically informed yet friendly to non-techies. See full post for context:

The Loomiverse Times
New Moon (Ọ́nwá atụ̀ọ́)
Our cypher will complete us as we come through your receivers You can play us and repeat us, and then take us home and read us —Talib Kweli [Black Star] - Definition Jumping across worlds In condensed time After the awkward fall We are always at the starting point…
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